DA VINCI Machines

We do have since 2010 this fantastic exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci's Machines, the Genius of Renaissance. There are two options:

- option museum with 50 machines, watch here our Expo at Musée de l'Histoire Naturelle in Neuchâtel in 2010:

- option shopping centers and other shorter expos with 26 models, watch here

The half of the objects is interactive, in order that the visitor could understand the ideas of Leonardo's Genius moving the machines.

Together with the expo we bring various didactical elements:

- walls with description of Leonardo's Vita
- TV with DVD and endless movie about Leonardo's inventions
- books for visitors free consultation
- Mona Lisa's Photo wall (to see below).

For any additional informations you may send us a small mail and we could provide you immediately with a complete documentation.

And don't forget our brilant particular exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings. Clic immediately here:

Museum's overview

Visitors are participating, moving the different machines

TV with an eccellent didactical endless DVD about Leonardo's inventions (more than 60 in the movie)

An eccellent high level quality expo, totally proper and proudly presented by swiss Spirit.org

Didactical elements about Vita of Leonardo

People like our Gioconda Photo Wall allover in the world. We cordially invite you to bee a Mona Lisa too!